Alex and Ani Because I Love You Daughter III Bangle

the girl who changes the world.
adorned with swarovski crystal

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Alex and Ani Bride Bangle

Our bridal collection is delicate and elegant. With a crystal at the heart, bring light to the words you wish to say. It’s the perfect heartfelt keepsake to carry this moment with you, always. Celebrate happily ever after with the Bride charm bangle.Details:

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Alex and ANI Evil Eye Bangle Bracelet Expandable

Insight • Encouragement • ArmorInspired by the traditional nazar amulet, which means “vision” in Arabic, the symbol of the eye stares back at the world. An unblinking emblem of strength, the eye was worn by ancient Armenians to ward off misfortune and harmful energy. Today, this protective eye symbolizes God’s providence over us: the divine, watchful gaze that cares for all of nature. The eye encourages you to look beyond the visible world. Wear this talisman to protect and inspire y

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Alex and ANI Four Leaf Clover IV Bangle Bracelet

Blessing • Fortune • ProsperityFour leaf clovers are iconic symbols of prosperity, believed to bring good luck to those fortunate enough to stumble upon them. Carried by Eve from the Garden of Eden, the four leaf clover is traditionally associated with four blessings: faith, hope, love, and luck. With the serendipitous combination of faith and timing, you’ll find the luck you desire when you need it the most. Details:

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Alex and Ani Sweet 16 Bangle

With each passing birthday, you grow a little taller, stronger, and wiser. While each year is important, some milestones stand out among the rest – especially coming of age birthdays. The transition into womanhood is a beautiful thing, and deserves recognition and celebration. This year is special – own it, birthday girl. Honor the birthday girl with the Sweet 16 charm bangle. Details:

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Alex and Ani Women’s Soul Sister Bangle

CONNECTEDYou are the sun to my moon and the yin to my yang. Connected by the heart, we are living proof that sisters aren’t always defined by blood, but defined as individuals who complete your existence. You are more than a best friend – you are my soul sister.Honor your bestie with the Soul Sister bangle charm.Details:

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Alex and Ani Womens Initial F Charm Bangle

Part of the Initials Collection.Personal • Timeless • DistinctivePersonalize your jewelry with initials. Choose your own or give a personal gift to someone you love. Each charm is beautifully stamped with script letters creating an elegant and classic look.Details

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Alex and Ani Words are Powerful, Love is All You Need EWB Bangle Bracelet

Charm: 1″ H x 0.77″ W;Words hold powerful energy. Use the power of words as a means to relay a positive message to a loved one, yourself, or the universe. It will be heard.

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Michael Kors Tone Astor Stud Earrings

Round stud earrings with each featuring stud accents and raised logo initials at center
Friction-back posts
Made in China

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